Here’s a graphic breaking everything down by year and month


If you’re like me and like to read in order, you’ve come to the right place! This is both the chronological reading order of every book and free short story in all my series’, as well as the recommended reading order. If you’re only interested in one series, just read those books and shorts, but if you want to read everything, here’s the full list for you.

Some of the free shorts take place during a book (they’re basically deleted scenes), whilst others take place either before or after the main timeline of the books. Some even take place concurrently, like Scarred Souls and Inked Souls. It doesn’t really matter which one you read first – though I do recommend Scarred Souls as it’s the start of the series and the one I consider the main book – Inked Souls I consider more of a companion novella.

Titles in regular script are books available for sale, while the titles in italics are short stories available for free on site. Click on the titles to be taken to the respective books or free short stories.

Note that new shorts will be available exclusively on my Patreon, so this timeline will only update with actual books from now on.