TT Kove

TT Kove (goes by Tina or Tina T. Kove) is a writer of queer romance – and is pretty damn queer herself (ace and aro rep for the win!). Her books are mostly of the contemporary and new adult slice-of-life variety. Other genres might sneak in once in a full moon, but don’t hold your breath–you’ll die. Most books are MM or MMM, but Tina does write the occasional MF (that’s happened only once so far) and FF (hasn’t happened yet, but there are plans, okay) pairings as well.

Tina has a fondness for writing about characters that deal with mental illnesses, or a difficult and/or traumatic childhood, and characters that basically struggles with things in life. Matters close to her heart, so to say. Matters not close to her heart (quite the opposite actually) that you won’t ever find her writing are mpreg (or anything at all dealing with pregnancy/kids), BDSM and daddy kink (list to be added to).