Welcome to Arctic Circle Press!

Welcome to the new home of Arctic Circle Press! Arctic Circle Press used to be available under a .com domain a couple years ago while we wrote under a different pseudonym. But since we write in British English around these parts, the domain now shows that with a brand spanking new co.uk domain!

Arctic Circle Press Northern Lights

What is Arctic Circle Press?

Arctic Circle Press is the publishing imprint of an author writing under different pseudonyms. Simply put, Nick Kove writes gay fiction and Therese Baye writes straight fiction. Both pen names only write new adult, contemporary, slice-of-life fiction for now… but there’ll be FF pairings in the future, as well as other genres.

Will there be new pen names for those? We’re not sure yet, to be honest. If what’s written in other genres are mostly romance, they might be put into their respective pen name (MM or MF, respectively). But if there’s a story with very little romance and focus on the world and plot instead, there is a high chance a new pen name will make itself known. But that’s no worry right now – because there are no stories written in other genres yet! (That’s not to say there aren’t ideas though because there ARE. And many of them!)

Arctic Circle Press Ice

What’s coming from Arctic Circle Press?

Nick Kove is busy re-releasing books that were previously available under an old pen name (now defunct), as well as writing new books that will be released ASAP. Therese Baye has taken over Nick’s MF (that’s only one couple, so not a lot!), but she’ll have more books coming out as soon as they’re written.

Instead of keeping several author homepages updated and active, everything will slowly migrate to this domain. Blog posts can be found under ‘News’, though there aren’t many of them right now. Pen names will get their own page (possibly subdomain, but that’s a lot more behind-the-scenes work that we’re trying to cut right now, so it’ll probably only be a page to save time). Everything you need to know about every single book is available here on the main domain.

Arctic Circle Press Milky Way

What’s next in line for Arctic Circle Press?

We’re toying with ideas for serials to be posted for free on the site as they’re written. And then we will publish them as soon as there are enough chapters for one book. Does this sound interesting? Right now, free stories are posted on Patreon. The Patreon, however, only belonged to Nick before and it’ll be restructured shortly to go with this site. So will the newsletter, which also only belonged to Nick. We’re working on this behind the scenes while also writing new stories and editing older ones for re-release.

Everything that was available under the old, defunct pen name will be out there again soon. It’s re-edited, some of it is re-written, some have added words, and they’re re-structured.

We hope you’ll follow Nick over to the new site! We hope you’ll continue to follow both old books and give new new books a chance. Both under Nick and under the new Therese Baye pen name. There are so much more to come and it’s exciting to share it all with you!

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