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The Arctic Circle Press site is almost done! I’m still tweaking stuff in the background, but for all intents and purposes, the site is ready to go live! And I just pressed that live button (or else you wouldn’t be able to read this!), so how cool is that? Since this site is brand, spanking new I thought I should list the most important bits down below.

The homepage

This page has everything. Links to about, all books, coming soon, and authors. It has the News & Updates section (the very one you’re in right now!) as well as the blog section for Nick Kove and Therese Baye. After that, there are more links; the FAQ, contact form, and the privacy policy. There are also links in the footer, but that’s on all pages, such as social media links.


There are currently two authors being hosted on this site: Nick Kove and Therese Baye. They are pen names used by the very same person, but they write different genres. Nick writes gay slice-of-life whereas Therese writes straight and lesbian slice-of-life.

Nick has the most books, seeing as he started out in the gay romance genre under a previous, defunct pen name. Therese is brand new, having taken over all the MF stories from Nick. And there’ll be more, as well as FF books. There’ll be more genres too (fantasy and paranormal, is the plan) and whether they’ll be publisher under existing pen names or if they’ll get a new one remains to be seen.


In the all books tab, you will see all books listed alphabetically. You can also sort them by authors, genre, length, pairing and series. Then there’s the coming soon page, listing books not yet released. All books published to date are contemporary or new adult, slice-of-life stories.


The stories tab consist of free short stories and flash fiction for you to read and comment on. Everything is set in already established series, usually featuring both major and minor characters from them. These stories were too short to include in books, so they’re available as extra material for our loyal readers.

Anything upcoming?

We’re toying with the idea of serials, but nothing’s been decided yet. We’ll see about that at a later date. When all the re-releases are out of the way, for sure. We’ll make an announcement here if it does happen – or if it doesn’t.

Besides that, we don’t have anything else planned in the near future. It’s taken ages to get this site up and running, so now we need to focus on getting books out there for you all to read!

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