Two year anniversary

May 2010

2 years after Broken Souls

Dion Stryker

The flat was quiet and empty.

I hung up my jacket and toes out of my shoes before I ventured further inside, looking for my men.

They had to be here. Jeremy wasn’t working today, and Chad was always at home. We were going out to eat later too; they’d been supposed to wait at home.

Surely they couldn’t still be in bed?

I headed for the main bedroom, and sure enough, they were in bed. But they weren’t sleeping.

The sight that met me was a lot more appreciated than two sleeping bodies.

Chad was on his hands and knees, with Jeremy behind him. They were both naked and sweaty from exertion as Jeremy thrust ruthlessly into Chad’s willing body.

Chad’s black leather necklace with a yin-yang symbol dangled from his neck where he was bent over. Jeremy’s silver triangle necklace rested on his chest, amidst his dark chest hair. It glinted in the light.

That silver triangle necklace of Jeremy’s was a complete replica of the one currently around my own neck, and the same shape as the black tattoo on the underside of Chad’s right forearm.

We’d bought the necklaces, and Chad had got his tattoo, on our anniversary last year to represent us and our relationship.

Chad tilted his head to the side and his eyes, a brilliant shade of green and currently hooded with lust, landed on me. He grinned wickedly and thrust harder back against Jeremy, who had a bruising hold of Chad’s hips as he slammed into him.

I loved to see my men shag. Both their perfectly sculpted bodies on display like this, Jeremy’s nice dick claiming Chad’s arse.

Chad… He’d changed quite a lot in the past two years. He wasn’t the small, thin, abused lad from before. He’d filled out nicely and couldn’t quite be classified as a twink anymore. He was finely sculpted. Had several tattoos. A bit of scruff on his face. Piercings in his ears and nipples. He was handsome. Gorgeous. And he was ours—mine and Jeremy’s.

Jeremy too had changed. He was just as fit as Chad and I was now after finally taken an interest in the gym after he started noticing some flab on his sides. I hadn’t cared, nor had Chad, but he’d suddenly wanted to start exercising and had never stopped going with us after that.

Chad’s pants increased in strength as Jeremy upped his speed, thrusting faster and harder.

I could tell they were both close to coming. The tell-tale sign of a flush crept up Chad’s neck and over his shoulders. Jeremy’s thrusts were becoming a little bit frantic as he chased his orgasm. Not to mention he gripped Chad’s hips even tighter.

I knew every single little detail about my men. I knew what made them tick. After two years together, I’d seen it all. And I never got tired of it.

My dick was a testament to that right now. It was hard and straining against my trousers.

‘Ah, fuck, yeah!’ Chad’s tattooed hand move down to stroke his bobbing cock.

I could clearly see the pre-come leaking from the slit. I wanted to suck that dick, to suck him to orgasm, but I couldn’t move. I was too transfixed by the scene in front of me.

Jeremy’s hips faltered in their thrusting and he bent over Chad’s back, his forehead hitting the sweaty skin between Chad’s shoulder-blades as he emptied himself inside Chad’s body.

Chad’s hand stroked furiously now, and then he came as well, shooting his semen all over the bedding.

Jeremy groaned as he pulled out. His dick was still half-hard and glistening with lube and semen.

He finally noticed my presence too, and a smile slowly spread on his lips.

‘Welcome home.’

‘Quite a welcome it was too.’ I returned the smile.

You didn’t exactly get a welcome, now did you?’ Chad’s wicked grin was back in place.

I loved that grin. It promised dirty, wicked things.

‘Well, you could both join me in the shower and show me a proper welcome.’ With that, I exited the bedroom and headed to the bathroom. I seriously needed a shower after a day of teaching, especially as we were going out to a fine restaurant to have our celebratory dinner later.

We’d renovated the entire bathroom last year. We’d taken out the bathtub and instead had a big, modern shower installed. It had two shower heads and it was big enough for all three of us to shower at the same time. It also had glass doors that we could push all the way in against the shower heads, giving us a bigger bathroom as long as we weren’t showering.

I was already undressed and standing under one hot spray when I was joined by two well-shagged, sweaty men. I turned and kissed first Jeremy, who was closest, then Chad.

Jeremy moved behind me when we broke our kiss, whilst Chad fell to his knees. His hand wrapped around the base of my dick and he licked his lips once before leaning in and deep-throating me.

I took a startled intake of breath and leant back against Jeremy’s chest. The front of the triangle necklace was cold against my bare skin, but the warm water soon made sure the metal was heated.

One of Jeremy’s hands ran over my pecs, playing with my nipples, while the other travelled down my stomach and happy-trail to settle in Chad’s auburn locks. What he could grab of it, anyway. It was shaved on the sides and longer on top. But not so long it fell into his eyes.

Chad glanced up.

I could stare into his eyes for hours, I’d never get tired of them. They’d been the first thing that attracted him to me—although at the time it’d been because they’d been so sad and haunted. There wasn’t much of that anymore now. Now he was safe, loved, happy.

He started sucking harder, making me groan. I pressed my hips forward, forcing my cock further into his mouth. When I realised I might choke him, I pulled back—only to bring my arse into close contact with Jeremy’s soft dick, which pressed against the lower part of my bum.

Jeremy wriggled his hips, but he didn’t harden. It would take him more than five minutes to recover from his earlier orgasm, but it was erotic all the same. It turned me on to have them naked against me, doing their thing to my body while they themselves had already been sated.

Chad’s mouth worked its magic like it always did. No one sucked cock lie Chad did—he was truly a master at work. His cheeks were hollowed as he sucked, his fingers helped at the base of my dick, while his other hand fondled my balls.

His tongue was probably even more sinful than his mouth though. With his tongue-piercing—quite a new acquisition—oral sex had quickly become my favourite thing in the entire world.

I trust my hips back and forth, between the wet, sucking heat of Chad’s mouth and Jeremy’s soft dick.  I wouldn’t last long. I never did when Chad put his full skill-set to use. And that bloody tongue-ring… it did it for me every time.

He dipped said tongue-ring into my slit and I strangled a shout as I came.

Chad swallowed and sucked some more, making sure I was completely spent before he popped off and pushed himself to his feet.

His arms looped around my waist and he leant in for a kiss. I could taste my own come on his tongue, but it wasn’t something that bothered me. It never had. Not when I was with these two.

When Chad broke our kiss, he leant over to give Jeremy one too.

I slid a wet hand over Chad’s tight arse. It was just as toned and hard as the rest of him. He was taking good care of himself now and he looked bloody good filled out properly. So different from the skinny, malnourished lad I’d first met. I fingered his sensitive hole. There were still lube an semen clinging to it and I pushed my index finger inside.

‘This arse is mine tonight.’ I’d fuck him just as well as Jeremy had just done.

‘It’s both of yours,’ he corrected. The wicked grin was back as he looked at me. ‘Tonight you’re double-fucking me.’

It wasn’t often we did double-penetration—which made it all the more special when it did happen. Chad was the only one out of three of us who actually enjoyed being on the receiving end of anal sex. He more than enjoyed it—he loved it. And both of us being inside him at the same time, our dicks rubbing together trapped in his heat, well, it was heaven.

‘I’ll keep you to that promise.’ I tapped my free index finger against his bottom lip while thrusting the other further into his body. The sounds Chad made when I massaged his prostate was a mash-up if a purr and a moan. It was sinful.

‘I always keep my promises.’ He moved in for another kiss.

I thrust a second finger inside him, relishing in the slick heat inside. I needed more than two fingers, it just wasn’t enough.

I broke away from the kiss, stepped out from my position as the middleman in the sandwich, and pushed Chad up against Jeremy. Then I knelt, spread his arse-cheeks apart and delved my tongue into the well-shagged hole.

Chad gasped. He loved being rimmed.

I used a finger together with my tongue, pushing it in and out of him, teasing the tight, puckered hole. Lube and semen wasn’t the best combination taste-wise, I much preferred Jeremy’s come on its own, but it wasn’t bad either. It was the type of lube that didn’t really taste anything.

Chad’s hole clenched and unclenched around my tongue and finger. I could see Jeremy’s hand moving out of the corner of my eye, so I reckoned Chad must already be erect again.

It must be nice to still be twenty-one, with the fast recovery at that age. I knew I wasn’t going to be ready again anytime soon. Besides, I needed to save it for later. I wasn’t going to let a double-fuck pass.

‘Dion, oh, fuck! Yeah, Jer, just like that.’

Jeremy laughed, then there was the unmistakable sound of kissing and Jeremy stroking Chad’s cock in quick rhythm.

I smiled to myself without stopping what I was doing. I continued to tongue Chad’s tight, sweet hole and now I pressed two fingers in along with my tongue. His hips were bucking back and forth like he couldn’t decide to press his arse into my face or his cock into Jeremy’s fist.

Chad gave a long, drawn-out moan as I massaged his prostate again. His head fell back and I suspected the only thing holding him up was Jeremy’s arm around his waist.

‘Fuck, Dion, Jer, oh, fuck yeah, just like that—’ And then he came with a shout for the second time today.

Jeremy’s semen-slicked fingers slid down Chad’s arse and I abandoned his hole to suck those long, lean fingers into my mouth.

When all traces of semen was gone, I finally got to my feet. My knees protested, not liking kneeling on the hard tiles for too long.

I embraced both Chad and Jeremy with one arm around each their necks.

We shared a sloppy kiss, all three of us.

I couldn’t imagine being without the two of them. I loved them more than I could ever put into words. They were a part of me now. After two years, we were so in tune with each other it was eery at times.

‘Time to get clean.’ I stepped back and reached for the shampoo. ‘We have a dinner reservation to get ready for, after all.’ A very special dinner reservation we definitely couldn’t miss.

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