Friends with benefits

MARCH 2009


Note: the age of consent in Norway is 16. This story features scenes of sexual nature by characters of the age of 16 and 18.


I had one goal in mind and that was to get laid.

Nik had already lost his virginity three times over—and now it was my turn. If Nik had only looked closer, we could’ve lost our virginities to each other, but he never looked closely at me.

Not like that anyway.

I was sixteen, finally legal for sex, and as luck would have it I had the house all to myself for the entire weekend. Which meant… house party.

My uncle was off at a conference or whatever, one cousin was away at a football tournament, the two others away for some dance-related shit. They’d all felt bad about leaving me the day after my birthday, but I’d put their minds at ease. It was perfectly okay for them to be out of the house.

Because house party. And hopefully, sex.

Not that they knew that. But it had worked out so wonderfully.

The house was crowded, the music blaring from the stereo. People were gathered all over, lots of people I’d never even seen before. People from our school, from the vocational school, whatever. I had no idea where all of them had even heard about my house party, as I’d only told Nik. And let him spread the word—but I doubted he knew all these people.

Speaking of Nik… He was already on the pull. Some arsehole I didn’t know—probably older than us—was getting all his attention and he was eating it up. It was sickening to watch.

I turned away from the sight—and walked smack into a broad chest.

‘Easy there.’ Tarjei chuckled as he righted me. ‘Hey, birthday boy.’

I looked up slowly.


Nik’s older brother. Bisexual or all-sexual or whatever. Rumour had it he was easy to get in bed—that he did everyone.

I licked my lips.

‘Hey, Tarjei.’

He stared down at me and I swore his eyes shone.

‘How’s it feel to hit that sweet sixteen?’ He took a swig of his beer bottle, gaze never leaving mine.

Can it really be…? 

I bit my bottom lip.

‘It doesn’t feel all that different, to be honest. Except…’ Tarjei would be the perfect candidate to lose my virginity too. He was older, experienced, and I knew him. ‘I’m finally legal for certain things.’

He blinked, then his eyes narrowed a fraction.

‘That you are.’

‘No one’s getting in trouble for tapping this arse now.’ I blushed the minute those words were out of my mouth, but I hoped the lights were dim enough for him not to notice.

Tarjei only took another sip of his beer, gaze raking over me.

Is he actually interested? Or am I imagining things? 

My heart beat wildly, my throat dry, my stomach turning somersaults.

‘So…’ I wasn’t normally a shy person—but then I wasn’t normally on the look-out to lose my virginity either.

‘So?’ he prodded, not at all taking the bait I dangled in front of him.

Maybe I wasn’t dangling it obviously enough.

‘Want to come down to my room?’ I tilted my head towards the door leading down to the basement.

‘Never seen your room,’ he said after another swig of beer.

‘It’s nothing special. But I’ve got a big, comfy bed.’ The bed was all we’d need for what I had in mind.

His eyes narrowed further—and for a second I was afraid I’d read him all wrong, but then he jerked his head in the direction of the basement, too.

‘All right then.’


I did an internal fist-pump, then glanced around surreptitiously.

Nik was busy with his new guy, standing with his back to me. It was just as well. I didn’t want him to know I was about to shag his older brother.

They looked a lot alike, Tarjei and Nik. Except Nik was a lot more feminine. Tarjei was buffer, masculine, with defined muscles, and he wore jeans and a shirt that showed off his flat chest and stomach to perfection.

I preferred Nik, but Tarjei wasn’t bad looking. He’d do for my first time having sex. Maybe he’d even do me again after if it was any good. Nik thought sex was the greatest thing ever—and I wanted to find out for myself if it was as good as promised.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t nervous though, because I was. I thought about sex constantly, but I’d never had it.

I’d wanted to have it with Nik, but he wasn’t interested in me. He had sex with everyone else but me. But Tarjei was here, and he was willing—so the rumours about him must be true.

‘Just so we’re clear,’ he said once he shut the basement door after us and we headed down the stairs. ‘We’re going to shag, right?’

‘Ye-yeah.’ I thought it had already been clear?

‘Good.’ He crowded up close to my back once we were downstairs, but didn’t touch me.

My breathing quickened as I led him past Andreas’s bedroom and over to my own. When I opened the door and flicked on the lights, I cursed myself for not having cleaned my damn room before the party. Clothes were strewn all over, some clean, some used, some decidedly dirty.

‘Umm…’ Books and papers were scattered over my desk. The table in front of the sofa was full of empty bottles and crisp packets.

‘I don’t care about the state of your room, Ben.’ Tarjei grabbed my shoulders, spun me around, and pressed me up against the door.

I didn’t know what to expect—but his lips on mine certainly weren’t it. They were soft and coaxing, and once I parted mine with a silent sigh, his tongue slipped into my mouth.

It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I’d only kissed people during games of spin-the-bottle or truth and dare, but that was nothing compared to this.

My first real kiss.

I’d expected us to get down and dirty right away, not this. Not kisses and a bigger, harder, warmer body pressing up against mine.

His dick was hard against my hip and I let my hand drop to rub over his crotch. It was the first time I’d felt a cock that wasn’t my own, even through the thick material of his jeans. I wanted to feel it bare, without clothes between us. I wanted to look at it and lick it and suck it. I wanted to feel what it was like to suck cock.

‘Have you done this before?’ he asked when he broke the kiss, lips hovering close to mine.

‘Yeah, sure,’ I lied through my teeth.

‘You got what we need?’

Lube and condoms. Check. 

‘Yep.’ I’d made sure of that. Today was the day I was going to get my cherry popped, after all, no matter what. So condoms and lube had been acquired for the occasion.

‘Good.’ He kissed me again, while his hands slipped under my shirt to encounter my skin.

I bucked my chest towards him and he pressed in against me. His cock was rock hard against my hip, mine hard against his thigh.

Yes, yes, yes. It’s happening. Finally! 

His hands ran up my stomach and over my chest, and I drew in a sharp breath as he pinched my nipples—effectively breaking our kiss.

‘Like that, do you?’ he murmured as he did it again.

‘Mhm.’ I cupped my palm around his dick again, debating whether I dared get on my knees or not. I’d never sucked cock before—so if I did, he’d probably notice it.

Maybe I should just let him fuck me for now.

‘How do you like it?’ he asked then, bringing me back to the matter at hand.


He pulled back slightly so he could look me in the eyes.

‘How do you like it? I’m versatile.’



Well, I wanted to be fucked. But fucking him would be nice too. Either way I’d lose my virginity—but somehow, it felt like I’d only lose it properly once I’d had a dick in my arse.

‘I want you to do me.’

A grin spread slowly on his face.

‘All right then.’ He motioned to the bed—and he pulled his shirt off over his head.

I licked my lips, gaze going to his smooth chest and the two pert nipples position perfectly on it. His treasure trail, as auburn as the hair on his head, led down into what was hiding under his jeans.

‘Where’s your lube?’

I motioned to my bedside table drawer, not quite able to stop gazing at his treasure trail and imagining what hid a little further down.

He laughed as he brushed past me.

‘Never seen you so tongue-tied before. Watch out, you might inflate my ego.’

I wanted to make a witty retort but couldn’t come up with anything.

He laughed again, louder now, once he opened the drawer.

‘You planning a marathon?’ He picked up a handful of condoms and let them drop back into the drawer.

‘I wouldn’t be opposed to it.’ I wanted sex—and lots of it. Everyone else was having it, so now it was my turn. My turn to discover why everyone got their knickers in a twist over it.

He popped a button on his jeans and my chest tightened in anticipation.

‘So are you going to spend all night staring at me?’ he asked with humour. ‘Or are you going to get naked too?’

‘Oh. Right.’ I grabbed the hem of my jumper and had inched it halfway up my stomach when I remembered why I never showed off my body to anyone. ‘Umm…’

‘What?’ He watched me, face set in a serious expression now. ‘Changing your mind?’

‘No, no.’ I wanted this, I really did, but I needed to warn him. If I could have sex with all my clothes on I would, but it would be weird to insist on it when he was getting naked. ‘It’s just that—I’ve got some scars.’

‘Hasn’t everyone?’ He popped another button, then pulled the zipper down. ‘I don’t care about some lousy scars, Ben.’

They weren’t lousy and there weren’t only some. But I took his words to heart and pulled my jumper further up, wrenching it over my head and throwing it to the floor.

He’d gone quiet in front of me.

‘That’s not some scars.’ His gaze ran over both my arms, taking in the criss-cross of scars and bumps that adorned them. ‘Did you do that to yourself?’

I nodded quickly. I wanted to hide, to wrap my arms around myself, but it wouldn’t hide anything. It would likely only draw more attention to them.

‘Can we not talk about my scars?’

He drew his lower lip in-between his teeth, still gazing at my arms.

‘If they’re too hideous, the door’s behind you. Feel free to leave.’ This was not how I wanted my birthday to go. I should’ve insisted on keeping my jumper on. I never should’ve taken it off.

‘They’re not hideous.’ He looked up at me now, eyes slightly wider than normal. ‘And I haven’t changed my mind. I just… I don’t know why you’d do something like that to yourself.’

I shrugged.

‘I don’t know.’ It calmed me down, made me feel better when I felt like shit. Physical pain made the emotional one better. But I didn’t know how to explain all that and I wasn’t interested in explaining it. That wasn’t why we were here. ‘Please, can we just—just get down and dirty?’

That startled a laugh out of him. ‘Down and dirty?’

‘Yeah, well.’ I shrugged again, all kinds of awkward. ‘I want you to fuck me into oblivion, not talk me to death. Stick that dick in me and let’s get on with it. It’s my birthday party—what I say right now goes.’

He stared at me, lips slowly tilting up into an amused grin.

‘Strip for me then.’

I swallowed audibly.

‘Okay.’ But my lower body was nothing to my arms. In fact, it was pretty much unharmed, so I had nothing to be ashamed of there.

I unzipped my skinny jeans, hooked my fingers under the waistband of it and my boxers, then pulled both down my thighs and calves—and then completely off along with my socks.

When I straightened back up, all of me on display, I found he stood rooted to the spot, staring at me.

‘Umm.’ I shuffled uncomfortably, glancing down at myself. My dick had softened, but it wouldn’t take much to get it back up and ready again. ‘Aren’t you going to strip?’

He visibly shook himself out of whatever thoughts he’d been in—and pushed his own jeans and underwear down and off. His cock slapped against his stomach, wilted a little but still half-hard.

Oh god, it’s happening.

I’m going to lose my virginity! 

I swallowed again, nervousness settling over me as I continued to stare at his cock. That was going inside me. How the hell would it even fit?

I knew, rationally—and from watching copious amounts of porn—that of course it would fit, but seeing a live, hard cock was something else entirely than watching one on screen.

‘Something wrong?’ He stroked himself, watching me curiously.

‘Nope.’ I turned to my bed and climbed onto it on my hands and knees. It was the most usual position besides missionary—and the best one for your first time, or so I’d read anyway.

He chuckled.


‘Yeah,’ I admitted in a low voice. I wanted to get things moving, I wanted to get my first time done and over with.

‘All right then.’ He grabbed the lube and a condom from my bedside table drawer, then got on the bed behind me. ‘How do you like it?’

‘Umm…’ I had no idea how I liked it.

‘Hard and fast? Slow and steady?’

‘Slow and steady.’ I guess. It sounded better for my first time, anyway.


I heard the rip of the condom packet—and for a minute I wondered if he was going to press inside me without anything but that condom.

But of course he didn’t. Next, I heard him open the lube, pouring it on his fingers, and then those fingers were on my arse, and it was happening.

My breathing quickened—not from lust now, but from nervousness and anxiety. What if I didn’t like it? What if I was so tight he couldn’t get it in? I’d never had anything in my arse before.

But of course I didn’t have to worry.

Tarjei was experienced. He knew what he was doing. He took his time and he made it good. Amazing even. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time.

‘That was great.’ He kissed me deeply before he rolled off me to collapse on his back.

‘Ye-yeah.’ I had difficulty getting words out because this whole experience had simply blown my mind. I should’ve had sex ages ago—all the time I’d lost by now where I could’ve fucked and been fucked and simply had the time of my life!

‘It wasn’t too bad for your first time.’

I froze, head turning to stare at him.

He grinned cheekily back at me.

‘How did you—’

No, shit! I just gave it away that it really was my first time. Dammit. 

‘Nik’s mentioned it.’

‘Nik talks to you about my sex life?’

What the hell?

‘Not really.’ He grinned wider. ‘Would it bother you if he did?’

‘Hell yeah.’ It was my sex life, after all, why’d he have to go blabbing to other people about it?

He chuckled.

‘Well, he can’t go around saying you’re a virgin anymore.’

I fumed silently. How many people knew I’d been a virgin?

‘Don’t worry.’ He patted me on the head like I was a child. ‘He only mentioned it in passing to me. When he talked about your house party. No worries. He’s not going around blabbing about it.’

That was… good, I reckoned.

Still… I hadn’t wanted Tarjei to know it was my first time. Then again, he’d already had sex with me now, so it wasn’t like he could refuse when he found out. Guys didn’t like to take other guys’ virginities, right? Or so I’d read. Somewhere.

But then he knew before you even had sex.


‘Did you give me a pity fuck?’ I asked mutinously. ‘So I’d lose my virginity?’

‘What?’ He pushed up on his elbow so he could stare down at me, then he threw his head back on a laugh. ‘Hah, no. I don’t do pity fucks. I fucked you because I wanted to. You’re not bad looking, Ben. And that arse of yours was real tight. You’re all good.’

Okay, I believed him. I hoped he wasn’t pulling my chain, but then again…

‘How about fucking this tight arse again?’

‘You up for that?’ He slipped a hand down to my thigh, curling around, under and up. ‘First time and all?’

I scowled. Of course I was up for it! I might be a little sore, but damn, I’d just had my first sexual experience and I wanted another one.

‘Are you at that age where you can’t get it up as quickly anymore?’

‘Just how old do you think I am?’ he growled, annoyed.

I knew exactly how old he was, but it was fun to tease.

‘Stay the night and we can do all sorts of things.’

He rolled on top of me, weight pinning me down, and his lips ghosted over mine.

‘You’d like that? Maybe, after I fuck your arse one more time, I’ll let you do mine. That’ll be your first time topping too, right?’

Did he have to remind me I was inexperienced?

‘That sounds like a plan.’

‘Don’t you need to go back up to your party though?’ Considering how his weight was keeping me in place, how he traced his lips over my jaw, and how his hard dick lay against my hip, I didn’t think he cared much for the party.

Neither did I.

‘Fuck the party. This is better.’ This had been the whole point of the damn party from the very beginning, after all. To lose my virginity. And I’d just achieved that. Now it was time to have as much sex as I possibly could have while I had the chance. While Tarjei was here and willing.

Nothing could get me out of my bed right now.

‘Ever sucked cock before?’ he asked then, lips now trailing down my neck.

‘No.’ Best to admit it, since he already knew what a bloody virgin I was. If he wanted me to suck his dick he’d know anyway, wouldn’t he?

‘Then we’ll do that too.’ He moved back up, over my chin, and then his lips pressed to mine and his tongue was in my mouth. ‘You’ll suck mine, I’ll suck yours, and we’ll fuck each other until morning.’

‘Yes, lets.’ I grabbed his head, forcing him back down into the kiss he’d abandoned for talking. Kissing wasn’t as great as sex but it sure came damn close. And like with sex, Tarjei was good at this too.

I better learn all I could while he was interested in indulging me.

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