Book Cover: Protection
Part of the Protection series:

Opposites don’t always attract, but sometimes they fit quite nicely together.

I’m not looking for a boyfriend. I’m focused on school and social situations makes me anxious. Except my mum thinks I should get out more, that I should make friends, so in a fit of wanting to tell her yes for once I take a chance at a party. Safe to say, it doesn’t live up to expectations. My classmates ignore me and the alcohol tastes like shit. Worse? Oliver finds me moping in the bathroom.

Oliver, class clown and know-it-all, might grate on my nerves, but he’s the only one paying me any attention. Not only does he flirt me into a bedroom, he literally charms my pants off. I lose my virginity to a man I don’t even like—and worst of all, we didn’t use protection. Again it’s safe to say, my anxiety is through the roof.

I know this isn’t the kind of friendship my mum meant and I try to distance myself. But that’s hard when Oliver insists we need to get tested for STDs… and even harder when we have to wait for the results.

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