More Than Friends 4

Friends to Lovers

Maybe this whole relationship thing wasn’t so bad.

I never thought being in a relationship would feel good… but it sort of does. Not only do I get laid regularly—that’s always a plus—but I have someone I can talk to now. Someone to go home to every night and snuggle with. And if that’s not the biggest mind-fuck, I don’t know what is, because I’ve never figured myself to be a smuggler. It’s never been my thing.

It’s been almost two months and it’s incredible that I haven’t managed to fuck it up yet. We’ve got three whole weeks in Spain ahead of us though, so there’s still time. Not that I want to fuck it up… but I manage to fuck up the things I want most in the most spectacular of ways.

Just give me time. It’ll happen. It always does.

Or, maybe, for once it doesn’t.

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