Arctic Dreams 2

Midnight Beginnings

Book Cover: Arctic Dreams 2
Part of the Arctic Dreams series:

We are very different—and yet have so much in common

I want to overcome what happened to me once and for all. I’m tired of being holed up in my flat, of being scared of every little thing. One thing I’m not scared of is Armas, despite his imposing appearance that should’ve—and had—scared me half to death when we’d first met. 

But Armas is kind and patient, nothing at all like the person he and others have described him as to me. He has changed from who he was before, and so have I.  We’re not the same people we once were. He has changed for the better and I have decidedly not, but maybe with his help, I can get back some semblance of the person I was before. 

Maybe together, we can be happy, with ourselves, with our new reality, and with each other. 

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