Back to basics

Let’s me start by saying, everything is pretty much back to basics around here. I have made so many mistakes in the past few years. Things I never should’ve done to begin with. I thought I had it all figured out but I really didn’t.

Top amongst my mistakes is separating already published books into novellas (because my OCD couldn’t handle writing novellas from then on and yet having novels in my series) and changing my pen name (even though it felt right at the time, I should’ve waited until I’d figured my head out and not jumped headfirst into such a massive change… This is very personal and not something I want to write about on a public site). But I’ve rectified all those mistakes now and gone entirely back to basics.

I’ve uploaded and published most of my books on their old ASIN, so the new versions are unpublished and unavailable. There are a few changes from the old days, mainly some title changes and some rewrites.

I know this can all be very confusing to readers and I’m so sorry about that. But I’m not changing any of my already published books again. The Something More series, the Souls of London series, and the Under an Arctic Sky series will stay as-is now and I’ll only add new books to it from now on.

So here’s a handy list with important notes:

The Something More series

  1. More than Words (some extended scenes)
  2. More than Anything
  3. More than Us (previously released as Louder Than Words, some extended scenes)
  4. More than Distance (previously released as Anything For Him)
  5. More than Enough
  6. More than This
  7. More than Life (some extended scenes)
  8. More than Friends (some extended scenes)
  9. More than Most (previously released as Friends to Lovers, extended from a short story to a novella)

The Souls of London series

  1. Scarred Souls (some extended scenes)
  2. Inked Souls
  3. Broken Souls
  4. Flawed Souls (previously released as Tangled)
  5. Loved Souls (rewritten from a short story to a novella, previously released as Scarred In Love)
  6. Wounded Souls (some extended scenes)
  7. Lost Souls
  8. Bruised Souls (added a whole new part of 20K+ words)

The Under an Arctic Sky series

  1. Arctic Heat (previously released as Northern Lights)
  2. Arctic Adventures (previously released as Polar Nights)
  3. Arctic Meltdown (previously released as Northern Skies)
  4. Arctic Tides (previously released as Northern Nights)
  5. Arctic Dreams

So there it is. The title changed weren’t done lightly, but I needed consistent titles in their respective series’, so this is where it’s at. All Something More titles start with ‘More than’, all Souls of London titles ends with ‘Souls’ and all Under an Arctic Sky titles start with ‘Arctic’.

All new books from now on, I promise. No more confusion. Though I’ve probably confused everyone a whole lot already.

If you’ve got old versions (any of them) and want new ones, just contact me and I’ll email you the new versions in whatever formats you like. 

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