About the short stories

You might (or not) have noticed that three of my short stories are no longer for sale online (A Shattered Soul, No Right Words, Scarred For Life). They were always supposed to be free, but when I put them wide, Amazon still didn’t want to price-match, so… I just unpublished them and instead posted them here on the site instead. So now you can read them here whenever you feel like it, along with all the other short stories. There are 80,000 words of short stories available on here!

If you go to the free reads page, they all show up chronologically, with the newest short story first. Scroll to the bottom and you can start from the beginning. If you want to see when they’re all set (before, during or after which book), just go to the timeline page and there’s a handy graphic that shows which month all shorts are set or a basic timeline graphic with links that lists everything by year.

Another reason I de-listed the short stories is because I felt they cluttered up my author page on Amazon and I didn’t want them listed as books on the series pages, seeing as they were book 2.5 and such in reality, but on Amazon, you can only list books with whole numbers. So, de-listing them was the best thing to do. For those who check out the series pages, only the longer books, novellas and novels, are now listed on the reading order.

I do have one short story left on Amazon (A Merry Protective Christmas), but that’s because it’s still in Kindle Unlimited. It’ll be out by the 8th of June, I believe, and then I’ll de-list that one as well and put it here on the website. That will make it 90,000 words of free reads available here!

Please note than all new shorts I write will be available on my Patreon. There’s already 12,000 words of bonus scenes available there, as well as an exclusive novel and WIPs are posted as I write them.

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