New font style on all covers

I’ve been tired of my covers for a long time, so to boost motivation, I sat down and made new ones. Not the covers themselves, I haven’t changed models or anything, but they’ve all got new fonts and style. I’ve also made some changes to layers on some covers, like getting rid of the bokeh on all Something More covers, as it was bothering me. Now all series’ have their own layers, so they’re a little bit different from each other. It’s taken me quite a while, and it will take longer still to format all files and update them on Amazon.

This is the font and style all covers will have. I like to keep it consistent, especially seeing as while I separate my current books into three different universes (Something More, Souls of London, Arctic), they are all the same universe. Glenn from More Than Life chats with Matt from Lost Souls online, and I have a holiday novella planned for a couple of the Something More series to go to Svalbard and meet some of the Arctic guys.

Anyway, I also decided to make the Scarred Souls covers black, white, and grey, with the layer on top red. It fits well with the character of Josh, who has borderline personality disorder and thinks in very much black and white. He also self-harms, so therefore red, since it’s the colour of blood. I’ve never been able to get the colours on these covers right before – and I am quite happy with the black and white of them now, with that small splash of red.

And here’s the first cover of More Than Words. Bokeh is gone, replaced with another top layer. I’m quite happy with the result. This is more colourful than the new Scarred Souls covers, sticking to beige tones. The books that have subtitles (that’s all books except for the first book in a series), will have that subtitle under the series title where there’s an opening in the frame.

And here are the covers for my newest series: Arctic Dreams. It features Frey (Varg’s twin brother who’s trans) and Armas (big, bearded guy full of PTSD). Book 1 is releasing 4th of March, and the second book is posted on my Patreon as I write it.

I think these new covers look a lot more professional. I’ve always liked by cover models, but my fonts and style haven’t been up to par. I think these are professional-looking now. Here’s hoping it’ll be the last time I do changes to covers, but honestly, I can’t promise that!

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