What’s with all these changes?

Yeah, what is with all these changes? I know, I know, haven’t I changed my books enough? Well, I’m just never happy. I say I am but I’m really not. Maybe this time though, hopefully. (Until next time I’m not, haha!) I’ll go through it subject for subject below so let’s see…

More Than Words

This one is now six books now instead of three. If you’ve read the original version (on this pen name!), you already see they’re split in half. I’ve just made the split permanent. They’re each a serial novella now (that’s what I write, after all). They’re around 20K+ words, all of them. It’s a length I’m comfortable with. It works for me. I can write 20K words in no time, but 40K or 50K or 60K on one book? I’ll never get a thing written if that was expected of me. I have to work with shorter word counts at a time.

There’ll be another two, maybe three, new books in the series too.

I’m sorry if it’s confusing. I really don’t mean for it to be. But these are my books and I have to have them the way I want or else I won’t be happy. It’s not a grab for cash, it’s just personal preference. I can’t even read books anymore because most books I’m interested in are so damn long. Write short books, people, short books are quick!

More Than This

This is technically a Therese Baye book now, but it was under this pen name before so I’m adding it here. First off, yes, it’s changing pen names. That’s a change I’m making! Second, it’s also split in two. It was 40K originally, but going with my 20K serial instalments for most books, this will have to adhere to it too. Seeing as I’m quite OCD about books in the same series/serials being the same length, it will bother me if I write another book of 20K but the first is 40K. So, yeah, now two books. I want to write more, Maria is a character I quite like, but that’s news for Therese further down the road.

Scarred Souls

This series is now 8 books. All around 20K+ each to go with my serial instalments. It’s finished with those 8 books. At least so far. If you’ve already read the previous versions, nothing has changed, so you don’t have to bother with the new versions. The only thing that has changed is the chapter headings. Chapters are longer and have titles now.

Inked Souls

This is split in 2! My OCD brain cannot handle one 40K instalment if the next turns out to be 20K… not that I have plans to write more about these two, but I never say never. If I do say never, it usually happens, so… Inked Souls is a duology from now on!

What does this mean for other old books?

It means I might change them. I haven’t gone through any books in the Souls of London series yet, but there’ll likely be changes there too. (For example, it really bothers me that two Broken Souls books are 30K+ whereas 2 books are only 20K+, but I’m not sure I can split those up. Not sure I even want to.) They’ll get new chapter headings and the like when I get to them, but otherwise, I don’t think the other books in this series will change much. The upcoming More Than Life and More Than Friends are also 20K+ books. So this new change to my catalogue and my serials are all for my own OCD peace of mind.

If you’ve already read all the books released, you don’t have to read them again. I repeat, DO NOT READ THEM AGAIN. There’s no new content. Except for a new episode at the end of More Than Words 6, but it’s not required reading, so… shrug I’m working diligently on finishing everything, as well as launching this new site and writing new stuff. Lots of things are happening! I hope you’ll continue to follow me even through all these changes!

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