Under an Arctic Sky

The Under an Arctic Sky series is the baby of the family. It’s newest and it has the least books. It has existed for a while though, under different names. The original version of this series came to me in 2009 as I watched a documentary about polar bears on Svalbard. 14 days later I had a novella fully written. Except for the names, not much is the same as it was back in 2009. The series has evolved and so has the characters.

Arctic Heat, Arctic Meltdown, Arctic Tides

Arctic Heat, Arctic Meltdown and Arctic Tides follows the turbulent relationship between Varg and Jonathan. Originally, theirs was the second book in the series, but after my rewrite, they’re now first and the most important couple. I do love to write these two. They have the most turbulent relationship of all my couples and it’s quite interesting.

Arctic Adventures

Arctic Adventures is a short novella, narrated by Andreas. (This is a different Andreas than the one from the More Than Words, mind.) This was the book that was originally first in the series. But when I rewrote everything, it didn’t fit in like that. So now it’s a companion novella to Arctic Heat, taking place after the first part of that novel. This is one couple where everything changed from the original. Andreas was an alcoholic in that one. In here he lives and breathes for his job as an arctic guide. The alcoholism plot didn’t fit in here and it didn’t fit with him as a character. Nor does he have a sister as he did originally. I debated trying to write more, to get this novella to become a novel so it can be an official book 2 instead of a companion novella, but… I’ve messed with these books enough. Enough is enough, right, and I’m putting an end here. It’s done. It’s a novella. It’s book 1.5. I cannot keep ‘improving’ my books. I need to let them go and move on.

Arctic Dreams

Arctic Dreams is the story of Frey (Varg’s twin) and Armas (the Finnish guy Varg suggested should move into his old bedroom). This is all new material. Originally, Frey ended up with another character that doesn’t exist anymore. Armas ended up with a Japanese guy (who is now his ex-boss and ex-flatmate). That didn’t work out – but these two did. They have so much in common. They could help each other. But no more spoiling the plot. You’ll have to read the book to find out!

There’ll be one more book, at least

I have plans. Big ones. Turbulent ones. This new book might rival Varg and Jonathan for the best turbulent relationship! Things never turn out quite the way I expect them to… but I’m looking forward to starting this series. One hint: the couple is one Norwegian guy and one Russian. Can you guess who it is?

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