A Guide to 4theWords

Have you heard about 4theWords before? No? Then you’re surely missing out! If you’re a writer, that is. If you don’t like to write, then give this one a pass. It is definitely not for you. If you’re an author like me, then please continue reading because this will change your life for the better!

What is 4theWords?

It is simply put an online game. But how will an online game change my life for the better? you might wonder. And rightly so. But you see, while 4theWords is a game and there are quests to complete and monsters to battle and avatar’s to dress… the whole point of this game is to write.

How to beat the monsters? You write words! Some monsters only need few words to beat them (50 words, 100 words, 150 words, for example) for a set amount of time. Other monsters need more words (like the one I’m battling now that takes 5000 words! But that’s a one-time thing and I’ve got over three days to write these words). Usually, the bigger monsters are from 1000-2500 words. The biggest word-count monsters are usually boss battles you only have to defeat once to complete main quests or get to a new area.

4theWords Caravn

How is 4theWords brilliant?

It keeps you writing, plain and simple! It’s addictive. You have to write at least 444 words a day (that’s not a lot!) and the longer you can keep your streak going, the better prizes you win. For my 30th day of consecutive writing, I got a set of metal wings to equip my avatar with! And if you first start writing and battling the monsters it’s easy to continue. Just one more Wignow (those are only 250 words) or one more Frizi (only 150 words!) and then you suddenly find you’ve exceeded your daily goal – and yet you continue to write because this game is so much fun!

4theWords Write & Play

I struggled to write for months. In March I wrote 3k-4K for the entire month. It was abysmal. It made me depressed. And then on April 2nd, I discovered 4theWords… and in 30 days I wrote 90K! 90-fucking-K! I haven’t written that much in a month since November 2013, when I wrote More Than Anything.

Now, mind, not all of that is fiction words. I write my blog posts (like this one!) in 4theWords. I write blog posts for my personal blog in 4theWords. I track my editing and paste lorem ipsum into an editing document. I track how many words I write on a forum I’m part of and on Patreon. All of this is added to 4theWords. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t get my 444 words in on days where I’m stuck editing or where I’m sick or when I’m just out of the house.

The brilliant thing is, you decide how you want to play this game. But don’t be the person who paste in your entire back catalogue. Just, seriously, don’t be that person.

How does 4theWords work though?

4theWords my avatar
My avatar!

You have one avatar. You start with basic clothing and you can customize it. You can change gender, skin colour, ears, eyes, mouths. You can buy clothes with the blue crystals (they cost actual money) or you can win some during quests or special events. 4TW has special events often. April had one! And I think July and November also have special events… all of them are related to NaNoWriMo.

You start your journey in the first zone: Luciola Forest. There are main quests that move you along towards the next zone, Mama Tree. And there are optional quests where you get rewards for completing them. Some quests are keeping a streak going for so many days, or fight so many of one monster. Others are collector quests or write-this-many-words quests.You get better armour and weapons and accessories as you fight monsters. These give you better stats in attack, defence and luck. Attack gives you extra words. So, for example, I have a +10 attack and when I write 1 words, I get a 0.10 extra. Defence gives you extra time. Now, the game’s quite generous with the time you have to beat the monsters so I don’t focus heavily on defence. Luck affects the drops for when you defeat monsters. The better luck you have, the more chance you have of getting rare items. Luck is what I focus on, first and foremost. Luck is the best. In MY opinion. You might like one of the other two best.

This is basically it. You fight monsters by writing words on a timer. Keep an eye on your quest book, focus on what you need for the main quests, and get going. I’ve finished Luciola Forest, Mama Tree, and 3 Points Crossing in a month – and that’s with the Untu Ship for the special event with its over 20 monsters and 15 extra quests! I’m now on the Caravan, heading for Gansu!

4theWords monster battle

Want to try 4theWords?

4theWords Battle statsIf you’re interested in trying this out, you get a 30-day free trial. I’m Serehtt over there and if you use my referral code: ZLFPZ48736, you get an extra 14 days of free time. If you like it enough to pay for your subscription after that, we both get blue crystals out of it once your first payment’s gone through!

It only costs like $4 a month. That’s not a lot. And considering all the words I wrote this month (2 and a half books in a serial! As well as a discarded book I don’t know what to do with), it’s so worth those $4. I’ll earn them back – and I can probably write these expenses off on my taxes. I paid for an entire year because I couldn’t be arsed to renew it every month. That’s how much I love this game!

And, I feel I should add, if you decide to switch some of those blue crystals in for subscription time halfway through your free trial… you don’t lose those last free days. They add the paid time on top of that. So when I paid, I got 365 days for the year subscription, plus the 7 days I had left of my free trial.

You really should try 4theWords out. It is amazing! It literally saved my writing. I was so stuck, so far down the black hole… and then I wrote 2 and a half books I plan on publishing as soon as I possibly can. That is, as soon as I manage to actually finish the third. I don’t want to leave you hanging, after all!

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