Souls of London

Souls of London is the fictional universe that starts first chronologically, but it’s not the first stories written. It started back in 2006-2007 with a massive 130K book titled Scarred Souls, with several characters and head-hopping between them. I moved away from that when I learnt better, thankfully. These books have been through several rewrites and re-structures… and they’ve finally arrived at a place I’m happy with.

Scarred Souls, Scarred For Life, Scarred In Love, Wounded Souls

Scarred Souls is the title that started it all. It was always in reference to Josh and Damian, but the very first incarnation of this novel featured not just the two of them, but also POVs of Chad, Kian, Spencer and Leslie. Now Scarred Souls is all about them. These two characters have been through a lot. The novels, novella and short story span over five years together. They are broken, they are scarred… but even people as messed up as them can find love. They might not be quite compatible (what with Damian being asexual and Josh very much sexual), but they make the most of it. It’s fascinating and it’s hard to write episodes in this serial. Especially when I’m in Josh’s head.

Inked Souls

Inked Souls is the companion novella to Scarred Souls. It takes place at the same time as the first part of that novel. Kian and Silver wrapped things up good in this novella, I think. It spans a few months, plus an epilogue set a year later. Inked Souls started out as Skin Deep, a 15K book consisting of three separate short stories telling the tale of Kian and Silver’s relationship. When I rewrote every other book, I also rewrote this one and made it one long story instead of three separate pieces.

Broken Souls and Flawed Souls

Broken Souls started its life as Measured Doses. It was completely rewritten and re-titled Broken Souls in 2014 and has since been known as such. (With a brief stint as simply Broken). It is, so far, my first and only triad relationship. It wasn’t always an m/m/m kind of book. In the beginning, it was only Chad and Dion. Jeremy wasn’t in the picture. I think he might’ve been dead. Then he came back and it all morphed into this 104,000 words novel (it was two novels before, actually) spanning only a couple of months.

Chad is the one who narrates most of the story and he’s my most unreliable narrator. He’s suffering from a debilitating mental illness where he hallucinates. Sometimes he has no idea what’s real and what’s fantasy. Sometimes he thinks his hallucinations are real. It was quite interesting to delve deep into Chad’s head in this one. (He wasn’t as mentally ill originally, but something was certainly wrong then too, and it’s all answered here.)

Lost Souls

Lost Souls jumps forward in time a little. It stars Damian’s cousin, Matt, as the narrator. He’s not quite as unreliable as Chad, but he’s certainly up there on a firm second place. I can’t say much because that would be spoiler-y for Scarred Souls, but Matt’s got some issues.

Bruised Souls

Bruised Souls is so far the last serial in the Souls of London series. It stars Kasey (Kian’s little brother who we first met in Inked Souls) and Wynn (Chad’s best friend who we first met in Broken Souls). There’s a little bit of an age-difference here. Kasey’s 18 and Wynn’s in his twenties (I can’t remember exactly how old he is now… 24-25, maybe? Anyway, it’s not that many years).

Will there be more books?

Yes, there will be more books. There are more characters to explore in this universe. I want to write something about Leslie and Spencer (Damian’s co-workers). I don’t know how short or long it’ll be, but it’ll be something. I want to write a story for Tyler (you know, the narrator of A Shattered Soul, that non-romance short story without a happy ending?). Adam needs his story told. There will be some MF and FF in this series too. Put shortly, YES. There will be more books.

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