Something More

Something More is the universe with the most books in it to date. It takes place in a fictional, Norwegian small town – with some visits over to bigger, existing towns and cities.

More Than Words

This is the couple that starts off this universe. They’re chronologically first as their first book, titled the same as the serial itself, starts in September of 2011. When these books were first published as big, epic novels Alex and Andreas were the second book… but that was only because I wrote More Than Anything first. Alex and Andreas will always be first. They’ll always be the first gay couple I ever wrote way back when in my paranormal/supernatural Norwegian serial.

The serial consists of ? episodes and there’s more to come. They span from September 2011 to December 2013 so far. I want to jump a little further ahead in time… but I think I have to write another book first to tie them up nicely. They’re going an unusual route in their relationship that I’m not sure readers will like, but I like it and they like it, so that’s all that matters.

More Than Anything

This was the first story I wrote and finished in this universe. That was back in 2014. MTA was my novel for NaNoWriMo. I won the challenge that year. By quite a margin. I think that was the first time I’d done that. I even managed to start More Than Words before November was over.

This was more of a Young Adult book. Geir was 16 in the beginning, then he turned 17. Jørgen was older but so broken and inexperienced. It turned into a New Adult later in the story. These two were also part of the aforementioned supernatural Norwegian serial, and some of what happened there also happened here. Like Geir having to move. He wasn’t gone for years though (only 1!) and he never had a relationship with Martin. He was so head over heels for Jørgen he never saw anyone else. I quite like it this way. They were so into each other and considerate of each other and just perfect for each other in every way.

The series consists of 20 episodes released in 3 books. They’re longer than my usual books but I don’t think this series would’ve fit a shorter serial format. The episodes are long (almost twice as long as my usual length) and they span quite a bit of time. It starts in January 2012 and the last episode ends at the end of June 2013. For much of the time, the main characters are apart.

The books are as follows:

  1. More Than Anything
  2. Anything For Him
  3. Anything But Normal

I want to write more about them. I’m not sure I’ll have enough material for a new book, but short stories are definitely going to be a thing.

More Than Enough

This serial wasn’t meant to be like it turned out at all. For one, I planned on hooking Thomas up with Glenn in the beginning. I don’t think Leo was even in the picture then? I can’t remember what I had planned for him, anyway. And then this idea came to me… Thomas and Leo… and so this duology was born.

Thomas was the first asexual character in this series and I wanted him to be firm on some points (no anal sex!), but willing to give a little in return. Leo’s bisexual, after all, so he has a sex drive even if Thomas hasn’t. Leo struggles with his own issues, mainly the bullying he suffered when he was younger. These two are very good at communicating. They were so talkative while I wrote these books. It came so easy. This was definitely meant to be.

The books are as follows:

  1. More Than Enough
  2. Not Close Enough

These two books take place over the span of a few months: December 2012 to February 2013.

More Than This

My only MF romance to date. It follows Maria, Andreas’s little sister, as she tries to unravel the mystery of the night the book starts. It also follows her deepening feelings for the school’s bad boy, Roar.

  1. More Than This
  2. This Is It

More Than Friends

Another serial that turned out quite different to how I wanted it to be. Ben was going to end up with Nik, that was my endgame. That was the plan since I came up with these characters (and when they were English, not Norwegian). But Ben and Tarjei… they did fit together. And Tarjei was so bloody in love and willing to put up with almost anything… I couldn’t break the poor guy’s heart. And Nik found himself another guy, so all’s good.

This serial of four books spans a few months. It starts in March 2013 and ends in July 2013. Not that much time. It consists of 19 episodes and a prequel short story where we see how Ben lost his virginity to Tarjei. There might be more short stories further down the line, but I’m not sure I have enough material for another book. I was going to write another book… but I’m not sure if I want to go there or not.

More Than Life

Ah, Glenn. You’ve had quite the ride. He was first supposed to end up with Thomas, then Viktor (Alex’s friend from university college). Neither of them worked out and then in waltzed Nikolai. Glenn’s worst nightmare, if you will. A walking gay stereotype paired with someone who’s deathly afraid of being perceived as gay (even though he so totally are). But they worked. And Nik made Glenn a better person. Glenn did a hell of a lot of work to get to where he is now, but he couldn’t have done it without Nik.

The serial consists of 4 episodes (1 prologue, two novellas, and one epilogue) and it starts in March 2013 and ends in November/December 2013. There’s also a prequel short story set the year before, July 2012 and a couple of flash fiction in-between.

Will there be more? I’m not sure. Not right now. If there’s a time jump, then there’s a big possibility. But for now, Glenn’s story will be done after three books. Two are re-releases (with some added content) and the third is brand new. It takes place at the same time as the two newest More Than Words books.

There’s also another pseudo-stand-alone book…


It is technically part of this universe, but only have one small detail in common. Viktor. Alex’s friend from university college. He’s Adrian’s (the MCs) neighbour in the dorms and we meet him once in this book. It spans a couple of weeks in January and February 2013 (so the same time Alex is in Volda).

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