The Fictional Universe

All my books technically take place in the same fictional universe, but I distinguish them first by serials (following the same couple through several books) and then by how they belong in an overarching series (following friends, family, etc.) But, in theory, all my characters exist in the same world (ie. our world!) and they can meet. They could walk past each other on the street. They could be internet friends (two of my characters from different series are this!). I’m going to break it down into series’ here, and then do a different in-depth post on the various serials in the different overarching series’ later.

Souls of London

This fictional universe starts first, timeline-wise. All the way back in 2007 with Scarred Souls. That is also around the same time these characters first came to me. They’ve been through countless revisions and rewrites in that time. The stories I wrote back then are vastly different from the books available for sale now. And that’s a good thing, I believe. Those early versions were highly dramatic. Okay, they were melodramatic. To the point of soap-operas. And that’s not what I write.

Counting all the books in this universe, it leaves us in 2012. So it spans 5 years so far. I do have a nasty habit of writing books that only takes place in a matter of days though. Lost Souls and Bruised Souls, especially, are evidence of that. Bruised Souls takes place in a week.

The books:

  1. Scarred Souls
    1. A Shattered Soul
  2. Inked Souls
    1. Scarred For Life
  3. Broken Souls
  4. Flawed Souls (previously released as Tangled)
  5. Scarred In Love
  6. Wounded Souls
  7. Lost Souls
  8. Bruised Souls

Will there be more stories in this universe? 

Oh, definitely. I’m not sure I’m done with any of these characters, but I definitely want to write at least one more book for Lost Souls and Bruised Souls. Then there’s Adam, featured in both of those serials. He needs his own story told. But saying anything about that would be spoilers, so I won’t.

Something More

The first fictional universe taking place in Norway! These characters (some of them) are older than the Souls of London characters. They came to me around 2005-2006 as part of a paranormal serial I wrote about angels (or something?) in Norwegian. Alex and Jørgen (I think Andreas was gay then too? Because clearly, I knew nothing about being bisexual back then) were my first gay characters in a serial focusing primarily on straight people… and they just stole the show. When I started writing in English, I used this family and wrote new adult, contemporary romance stories about them. These were also melodramatic soap-operas, though not quite to the extent of the old Scarred Souls (as that epic-length book of head-hopping between, like, ten characters was called).

The books available now are quite tame. I write slice-of-life now, not soap-opera drama. Though there is some drama or it would be quite boring, right? Anyway, the book that kicks off this series is More Than Words and it starts in 2011. After the other books, the series is still only in 2013. I wonder when I’ll get to move them ahead a little. Maybe I’ll just do a time-skip and catch up with them now in 2018. Who knows.

The books:

  1. More Than Words
    1. No Right Words
  2. More Than Anything
  3. More Than Us (previously released as Louder Than Words)
  4. More Than Distance (previously released as Anything For Him)
  5. More Than Enough
  6. More Than This
  7. More Than Life
  8. More Than Friends

Will there be more books in this universe? 

Oh, yes. I’m currently writing another book for Alex. He’s got stuff to figure out still. I have new characters I want to write about that takes place in the same town and who knows some of the same people. I have no idea when I’ll find the time to write them though!

Under an Arctic Sky

Another fictional universe taking place in Norway. In particular, most of it takes place on the island of Svalbard. These characters first came to me in… 2009, I think? I saw a documentary on the telly about Svalbard and polar bears and a fortnight later I’d written Polar Nights. It was quite different from the books available now… but I was really happy about it at the time. After removing much of the melodrama, Andreas and kristian’s novella turned into quite the calm affair. Varg & Jonathan still have a lot of drama in their relationship, but that’s the way they are. This universe has been known under several names. The Svalbard Stories. Arctic Love. Northern Love. Now it’s finally settled on Under an Arctic Sky.

The books:

  1. Arctic Heat
  2. Arctic Adventures
  3. Arctic Meltdown
  4. Arctic Dreams
  5. Arctic Tides

These span from 2012 to 2013. But…

Will there be more books in this universe? Oh, yes! I have an idea for another series too, featuring a character you’ll meet in Arctic Dreams (Frey and Armas’s serial, that is).

I have so many ideas and so little time. When will I get to write all of this, huh? Oh, the hardship of being an author, amiright? 

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