JUNE 2013



‘I just outed us to Ben,’ I said as soon as Thomas closed the bedroom door after him. 

He turned to me, eyebrows raised in question. 

‘He came asking if we had any lube—and I didn’t know what to say. So I told him the truth, that we didn’t have any.’ I cleared my throat. ‘And when he asked how we had sex without lube, I said we didn’t have sex.’ 

I should’ve come up with something else. The way he’d stared at me after I said that, as if he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. And I didn’t think Thomas would want his nephew to know anything about his sex life. 

He chuckled. 

‘It doesn’t matter, Leo.’ 

‘You sure?’ I chewed on my bottom lip. 

‘I’m sure.’ He walked over to me, grabbed my face and kissed me. 

I slid my arms around his waist, pulling him in closer. 

‘You think he’s going to mention it at all?’ I asked then. 

‘Probably, yeah.’ Thomas chuckled again. ‘I’m pretty sure you just blew his mind, though. His life’s all about sex. To find out that for some it isn’t even a small part… well, that’s going to mess with his head.’ 

‘Well, it is a small part,’ I hedged, because I wasn’t celibate. 

‘True.’ He pressed another kiss to my lips. ‘But he doesn’t need to know that.’ 

‘No, he really doesn’t.’ That we got by on handjobs and blowjobs wasn’t anyone’s business. That I was the only one who received said handjobs and blowjobs was also not anyone’s business. 

‘So, bed?’ He pulled his tee over his head as he dropped it on the chair next to the closet. 

I’d just pulled my T-shirt on when Ben knocked on the door, but I quickly dropped it on top of Thomas’s. It really was too hot to sleep in. 

‘I don’t think we thought this holiday through.’ I fell down on my side of the bed, lying on my back on top of the sheets. ‘It’s way to hot. We should’ve waited until the end of summer, when the temperatures sunk a little.’ 

He lay down besides me, slipping under the thin duvet. It seemed more like sheets, but then they likely couldn’t have thick, comfortable duvets when it was hot like this half the year. 

If we’d had these kinds of thin duvets at home, we would’ve frozen to death. 

‘Mum’s off on her holiday now, so now we’ve finally got some peace and quiet.’ He sighed and closed his eyes, comfortable, happy. 

‘We still a couple days with her after she gets back and until we leave.’ 

‘Don’t remind me.’ He opened one eye to squint at me. ‘She’s my mother, I love her, but—she’s set in her ways. She hasn’t moved on from everything that happened.’ 

I likely didn’t know half of what had gone on during his childhood. 

‘Old people,’ was all I said. 

‘Considering what went under her roof all our childhood, the fact that most of us is in same-sex relationships shouldn’t matter.’ He opened both eyes now, staring up at the ceiling. ‘Me, Ben, Andreas, and Jørgen. All four of us have boyfriends. Kristina’s straight yeah, but far from normal in Mum’s eyes. She’s dating her own cousin. Like that matters? After what that bastard did to his own kid?’ He shook his head, hands rubbing over his face. ‘Apparently she considers Maria the only normal one out of us all.’ 

‘Well, she sure is the calmest and most well-balanced,’ I pointed out. I liked Maria, she was a great girl. But then again, I liked his entire family. And I didn’t care who was in same-sex relationships or who dated their cousins. 

He turned on his side and put a hand on my stomach, fingers splaying out. 

‘I love you, Leo.’ 

I turned on my side as well to face him, and so I could lean in for a kiss. ‘Love you too.’ 

We kissed again—a couple times, actually—and then we settled down to sleep. He was under the thin duvet, I was still on top of it. I couldn’t stand the thought of having it over me. I was already sweaty just lying there in my boxers. 

It would probably take me all holiday to get used to this heat—and then we’d be heading back home to what we were used to, anyway. 

Still, it would be a nice holiday. Just spending some quality time with Thomas away from everything else made sure it already was a great holiday. 

Outing his asexuality notwithstanding. Then again, Ben probably thought we were both asexual as I hadn’t told him any specifics. It didn’t really matter anyway. 

We were happy. 

That’s what was important. 

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