Sarah & Viktor




I hadn’t expected to meet a handsome guy the moment I arrived at Alex’s—but that’s exactly what I did. Viktor was lounging on the sofa with Leo, Alex’s older brother, and he was… he was fit. 

Tall, lanky, with blond dreadlocks, pierced ears, and stubble over his jaw. He wore a thigh tee that showed off toned arms and light, loose-fitting jeans that hung so low on his slim hips his black boxers showed if he stretched so the shirt rode up. Which he did do as we were making dinner, and just… wow. 

Alex had mentioned him a couple of times, but I hadn’t put it to mind much. What did it matter to me what kind of guy Alex befriended for the one year he was here? It wasn’t like I was going to meet him. Only now I did and I was instantly smitten. 

He was different from other guys I’d fancied. For one, he was blond. I usually went for dark-haired guys, as with Peter. Buffer guys, but straight-laced. Peter didn’t have piercings or long dreadlocks or—was that a tattoo I could partially make out from under his sleeve? 

If I could forego dinner and just lick him up, I would. 

Which was weird, considering how I’d avoided getting close to guys ever since the debacle with Peter. I’d had a one-off with a guy I met in a club a couple months ago… but it hadn’t been satisfactory. 

Viktor was satisfaction personified. 

At least looking at him from a distance. 

Lucky for me, he seemed interested, and for the second time in my life I went home with someone I didn’t know with the sole purpose of having sex with them. 

It wasn’t that I was against one-offs; they worked for a lot of people. It just wasn’t my thing—I liked to know the guys I had sex with. Preferably liked to be in a relationship with them. But Viktor was so dreamy I didn’t care. 

I was only here for the weekend, after all, so best get the most of it. 

I felt a little guilty going with Viktor, seeing as it was Alex I was here to visit, but he hadn’t seemed put out when I broached the subject. In fact, he’d only shook his head with a smile and headed off to find his brother. 

We’d had a little to drink during the concert and we stumbled into his room ungracefully. 

I laughed as he grabbed me around me waist and spun me around, pushing me up against the now closed door. His lips descended on mine, warm and soft, and yet demanding. 

I grabbed onto his shoulders and neck, keeping him right there against me. He was taller, wider, stronger than me, all hard planes. 

‘This okay?’ he asked as his hands unzipped my jacket and slid under the hem of my shirt. 

I hissed. ‘Cold,’ I murmured, nipping playfully at his lips. ‘But yes, please proceed.’ 

He laughed—and got rid of my jacket and shirt altogether. 

Even though I’d stopped playing handball after I started university, I still worked out regularly, so I knew I had nothing to be embarrassed about standing there in my bra. Still, with him still clothed… Best to even the field. 

I tugged at his jacket and it fell in a heap to the floor. He made quick work of his shirt and tee too. I reached back of my own accord to open my bra, then I deposited that on the pile our clothes already made. 

His hand, big, warm, ran up my sides before cupping my tits in his palm. 

I reached for his jeans next, unbuttoning them and slipping my hand under the hem to stroke over the front of his boxers. 

He grabbed my arse, lifted me up, turned us both around, and deposited me on his bed. ‘This all right?’ He popped the button on my trousers and hooked his fingers under the hem. 

‘Yes.’ I bit my bottom lip as he pulled them off—along with my knickers. I was naked in front of him now, nothing at all to hide everything. 

I pressed my legs together, a little self-conscious. 

He only grinned and grabbed my knees, pulling my legs apart again. Then he crouched on the floor and his tongue was right there and I couldn’t think anymore. 

I tried not to moan too loudly—he lived in student housing after all, and I knew from my own experienced that walls weren’t that thick. But it was fucking hard because he was pretty damn talented with his tongue. 

My nerves were on fire down there and it didn’t help any when he added a finger along with his tongue. 

Oh god! 

I covered my face with my hands—until he stopped anyway. 

‘Wha—’ I lifted my head to watch his back where he’d turned to his desk. 

He’d shucked his jeans and boxers, and I ogled his arse shamelessly—until he turned around and I got an eyeful of something even better. 

He ripped a condom packet open and rolled the latex over his hard, flushed dick. 

I scooted further in and up on the bed so I could rest my head on his pillow. 

He watched me intently as he took the two steps back over to the bed. The mattress dipped a little as he added his weight to it—but then his weight was atop me, and well… it was wonderful. 

I spread my legs further apart to accommodate him. 

He kissed me deeply, hands travelling down my sides now until they reached between my legs. I was wet and ready for him. He kissed me deeply as he sank into me. 

I grabbed onto his neck, keeping his face close to mine. Not that it seemed he was about to pull away, but still. I wanted to keep kissing him. 

‘Yeah,’ I moaned, unable to help myself. ‘Yes, right there—ah! 

I didn’t know how long we kept it up. Time seemed to bleed away. It could be only minutes until I reached my peak, or it could’ve been hours. It was likely minutes… but it felt a hell of a lot longer. 

He rolled off me after he came, deposited the condom on the floor—after tying it—then he moved onto his side and slid a string arm over my waist. 

‘I can go back to Alex’s if you want,’ I offered quietly. ‘It’s a bit cramped.’ 

‘We’ll make it work.’ He scooted in closer to me. 

I turned on my side as well now so I could watch him. ‘That was really good, you know.’ 

‘It was.’ He smiled. 

I hadn’t expected to have sex with someone while visiting Alex. But thank god I was reticulate with shaving no matter what, so I didn’t have stubbly hair all over. 

He tugged the sheets out from under us and covered us with them, them cuddled back down with me. My head rested on his arm, while the other rested over my hip. 

I ran one hand up his back until I encountered his long dreadlocks. I twined them around my fingers, curious as I’d never known anyone who had them before. 

He kissed me and I melted into it, ending up pressed flush against him again. I threw a leg over his upper thighs, and now we touched from lips all the way down to our feet. The most important part was my tits against his flat chest, his spent, slightly sticky flaccid dick against my clit. 

‘Would you mind terribly if we went right to sleep?’ I asked, trying to stifle a yawn. ‘I’m kind of beat.’ 

He chuckled. ‘Not at all. Just sleep, Sarah, it’s fine.’ 

His Swedish accent was to die for. If it weren’t for the fact it was so late, and I’d been up early—hence why I was so tired—I would’ve wanted to go for another round. As it was my eyes were already heavy, and he, being a guy and all, couldn’t get going quite as quickly as I could after an orgasm. 

‘Night then.’ I pressed my lips to his, smiling into the kiss. 

‘Night, Sarah.’ 

I let my eyes fall shut on a contented sigh. 

For once I wasn’t going to worry about anything. Tomorrow would bring whatever. Hopefully some more sex before I headed back to Alex—who I was actually visiting. I wasn’t going to worry over having a one-off with a hot guy I didn’t know. It had been good. So bloody good. And I’d enjoy it for what it was. 

Just sex between two consenting adults. 

Sometimes that was good. 

Sex with no strings attached. 

I needed that right now, apparently, as my relaxed body could attest to. 

He was warm against me, the sheets blanketed us in more warmth, and it didn’t take me long at all to drift off into sleep. 


I woke sort of squished up against the wall, with Viktor pressed up behind me. His deep, calm breaths fluttered my hair and he was all hard planes all over.

I reckoned that meant morning sex.

If he ever woke up anyway.

It was uncomfortable sleeping on the narrow bed and I’d feel it for a couple days for sure. But it was also worth it. So fucking worth it for last night and for I hoped what was to come this morning.

Or was it morning? I had no idea, and the curtains were closed so I couldn’t peer out without physically getting up to part them. And I couldn’t be bothered with that.

‘Morning,’ he murmured, nuzzling the back of my head. ‘Sleep well?’

‘Yeah.’ I had, even if I hadn’t been entirely too comfortable upon waking up. ‘You?’

He stretched behind me and yawned. ‘Not too bad.’

‘Properly awake now?’

His hard dick still poked my bum.

‘Mhm.’ He put a hand on my hip. ‘You thinking what I’m thinking?’

‘If you’re thinking we better do something about this, then yeah.’ I moved a little, pressing my bum further against his cock.

He rolled away, but was back immediately.

I glanced over my shoulder to see him roll in a condom. Smiling, I turned back to face the wall.

When he fitted himself against my back again, I lifted one leg to rest over his thigh.

We didn’t hurry this time. We took it slow. He fingered me, then slid inside. I didn’t have to do anything, as he kept his hand on me, rubbing my clit along with his slow, lazy thrusts.

It was heaven.

I hadn’t had lazy morning sex since I was with Peter… and that was over half a year ago now.

He kissed my shoulder, his stubble raking deliciously against my skin.

After, we lay for a while just breathing and asking in the afterglow.

He got up after a while to get rid of the condom, and that was my que to get up as well.

‘I should get back. Poor Alex. I hardly paid him any attention last night.’

Victor glanced at me from over his shoulder. ‘You think he minds?’

I shrugged, finally locating my bra. I hooked it around my waist, then turned it around the proper way and pulled it up. ‘That’s what I have to find out, I guess.’

‘I doubt he’s cross. Alex is pretty chill.’ He pulled on his boxers and a pair of baggy joggers.

I had no choice but to wear my clothes from yesterday.

‘Do you have any mouthwash?’ My mouth still tasted of alcohol. It was foul.

‘Yeah. In the bathroom.’ He pulled a tee over his head and opened his door.

Right outside there were closets and to the left two doors. One was the aforementioned bathroom with a shower, a toilet, and a sink.

‘What’s the other door?’

‘That’s my neighbour. We share these closets and a bathroom, and then we share a kitchen with the rest of the hall. There are, what, four other dorms exactly like this out there.’

Ah, yes. I lived in student housing too, but I had a small room, and my very own even smaller bathroom. Still had to share a kitchen with the rest of my hall though.

He brushed his teeth while I gurgled some mouthwash. All was better immediately.

‘I can walk you back?’

‘You don’t have to.’ I didn’t want him to feel obliged.

‘I want to,’ he stressed, fixing me with a look. ‘Do you even know the way?’

‘Uhh… on second thought, please feel free to.’ I did not remember the exact way to Alex’s and Leo’s flat. I’d only walked there once, yesterday when Alex met me at the bus station.

He chuckled.

We got dressed in our outerwear and got going.

It wasn’t that late at all. Even if we’d been up late for the concert, and then shagging afterwards, it was only a little past half eleven.

Victor walked close by my side.

I’d been taken with him ever since I met him yesterday. We’d talked all evening back at Alex and Leo’s flat, then spent the entire concert together. I felt bad for sort of abandoning Alex who I was actually here to see… but Viktor was so comfortable to be around.

I hadn’t felt like this towards a guy since Peter. It scared me a little. I’d been really attached to Peter, I’d loved him, but in the end he’d broken my heart.

Not to say Viktor would, or that we even had a deeper connection. I just met him yesterday, after all. But there was this fluttering in my chest and the fact I wanted to see him again. Wanted to sleep with him again.

This isn’t good.

Yet it felt very good.

Viktor looked at me and I smiled back. It brought me a smile in return.

‘Do you and Alex have plans for tonight?’

‘Nope. We haven’t made any plans. None that I’m aware of anyway.’ The concert last night had been a nice surprise. ‘I just kind of decided to visit Alex, and he went with it.’ I shrugged.

‘What do you two usually do together?’

‘It was only this summer we really started spending time together alone. I got to know Alex through Andreas.’ It had taken us months, but now here we were. Good friends. ‘And we don’t really do much. Hang out. Eat at BK. That’s pretty much the extent of our time together.’ Not to mention me winging to Alex about Peter after I. Role up with his cheating arse, but I wasn’t going to share that with Viktor.

You didn’t share about your exes to your recent fling and all that. It was just bad taste all over.

‘Maybe we could all go out to eat or something?’ he suggested.

‘I would like that.’ More time with him was definitely a plus. ‘I’ll ask Alex. Maybe Leo wants to join too.’ I didn’t know what his plans were, but as far as I knew Alex only knew Viktor and I, so… I couldn’t imagine he’d have any problems with these plans.

Besides, more time with Viktor… I’d very much like that. I only had one day left, I’d leave tomorrow afternoon and then I likely wouldn’t see him again. 


‘Maybe we should exchange numbers?’ It was my turn to suggest something. It was totally selfish, of course. ‘So I can text you Alex’s answer.’ Alex already had his number and could’ve easily texted Viktor himself, but neither of us mentioned that. 

Instead we switched phones, plugged our names and numbers in, and handed them back. 

Maybe, just maybe, we could keep in contact after I left too. 

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