First time




‘That’s the last of it.’ I put the last of our suitcases down in the hall, then stripped out of my thick jacket and boots. ‘Want something to drink?’ 

‘A beer.’ Kristian followed me into the kitchen. 

I got two beer bottles and handed one over. ‘Cheers for a lovely Christmas,’ I told him drily, tipping my bottle to his one. ‘It was even worse than anticipated if that’s possible.’ 

‘Yeah.’ He took a long sip. ‘It’s good to be home. At least we get New Year’s Eve here.’ 

‘Are we celebrating at Husetor Svalbar?’ I asked, having no idea what they did for New Years, as I hadn’t celebrated that on Svalbard last year either. 

‘Svalbar. That’s what we usually do.’ He looked at me inquiringly. ‘Unless you want something else, that is.’ 

‘Nah, Svalbar’s fine. We all get to celebrate together, right?’ 

‘Right.’ He grinned. ‘So, what do you say we celebrate being back in our own house without disapproving family around to sour the mood?’ 

Now that made blood shoot directly down south. I put the beer on the counter, instantly forgotten, and started for the door. Best to move to the bedroom. 

‘Hey!’ He came hurrying after me, laughing—but that stopped as soon as we were in his bedroom and I started to strip off my clothes. He wrapped his arms around my waist and placed a light kiss in-between my shoulder blades. 

I turned around, forcing him to let go of me. But I couldn’t imagine he’d mind when I started in on his clothes, throwing the garments haphazardly on the floor as I quickly undressed him. 

‘Hey, Andreas?’ 

‘Hmm?’ I looked up and was greeted by his lips on mine. It was soft but quickly deepened until we were practically fucking each other standing. ‘Get on the bed,’ I ground out when we pulled apart for air. 

He stared at me with lust-filled eyes for a moment, then did as told. I went after him and we tumbled down on the bed, lips locked in another kiss. 

‘Lube.’ He pushed me away and rolled over onto his stomach, presenting me with a view of his toned backside. 

I quirked a brow at him, but he ignored me in favour of getting the lube from the drawer. I didn’t give him any time to turn back around, instead, I straddled the back of his thighs and started kissing my way down his spine. When I reached his arse—rather quickly because I was impatient—I spread his cheeks and ran my tongue down the cleft. 

He moaned, hips lifting off the bed, begging me to continue. I did and I had no plans to stop. I circled my tongue around the tight pucker until Kristian panted beneath me, then pushed the tip of my tongue inside. 

‘Ah, fuck!’  He buried his face in the sheets. 

I grinned to myself at his reaction before continuing the rim job, delighted at the pleasure. This was another first for us as we usually only spread some lube and got right to work. We still didn’t have much foreplay and this definitely counted as it. I was rock hard already and wanted nothing more than to bury myself in his arse… but tonight I had something else planned. 

‘Why did you stop?’ he demanded as I pulled to sit back. He pushed up on his elbows and half-turned to look at me. ‘Andreas?’ 

‘I want you to fuck me tonight.’ Just saying it made my stomach clench nervously, but I’d wanted to try this for so long, and who better to do it with than Kristian? 

His eyes widened. ‘Seriously?’ I nodded, meeting his green gaze head-on. ‘Okay.’ He pushed up further onto his knees, then shoved me gently down on my stomach. I went willingly, letting him take the lead now. He straddled my legs as I’d just straddled him and started kissing down my spine, a lot slower than I’d done it to him. 

I wasn’t exactly content to lie there and enjoy the kisses. I wanted to get to the main thing, but his weight on top of me, his soft lips brushing against my skin, his stubble rasping… it was too good. 

‘Lay still.’ 

I heard him open the lube and squeeze some out. I imagined he rubbed his fingers together as I used to do, to warm it slightly as he didn’t immediately slather it all over my arse. 

Then his hand was finally on me, stroking down my cleft. I lifted one leg up to give him more space and he took proper advantage of it by pushing a finger inside me. An appreciative groan left me. I’d never bottomed before, never had a finger even close to my arse with anyone else I’d been with. But it was good, even if it was only one finger, small compared to what was going inside me soon. 

He leant over me and rested his forehead between my shoulder-blades. His fingers thrust in and out of me, a second added by now. He slowly added more fingers, probing gently, until all but his thumb were now fucking me. 

‘You don’t have to do that, you know,’ I groaned. ‘I can take it.’ 

‘I don’t want it to hurt overly much the first time,’ he replied in a low, deep voice. ‘Bear with me.’ 

The impatient sound that left me made him chuckle. But it also made him move, because he pulled his fingers out. I heard him opening the lube again and swallowed. This is it. Now it’s happening

‘You sure?’ he asked. ‘Last chance to pull out.’ 

‘I’m sure.’ So fucking sure

He moved to straddle my one thigh, positioning himself perfectly until the head of his dick pressed against my hole. My body gave a little bit of resistance, but then folded and let him in. He sank into me slowly, taking his time. When he was buried balls deep, we groaned in unison, then we stayed still for a long minute as we both adjusted. 

Having him inside me felt like… well, it felt a little weird, but also good. Nothing at all like I’d ever felt before. 

‘Move,’ I urged, not sure if he was waiting for my okay or if he needed the time out himself. 

His forehead was still pressed against my skin, but he pulled back before thrusting his hips forward again until his groin met my arse with a loud slap of skin. He moaned, hips speeding up their thrusts. 

Fuck, fuck, fuck! I wasn’t going to last. This was going to be over before it properly began because it was too intense, too much and I couldn’t stop my orgasm if I tried. ‘Coming,’ I grunted, reaching a hand under me to fist my cock. 

‘Fuck, ahh, me too, aah—!’ He collapsed on top of me, body slightly wider, slightly more muscled than mine, pushing me into the bed. I didn’t mind. My own body was all loose and blissfully happy from my orgasm—and the only thing not to my liking was the wet spot I was lying on, but not even that mattered right now. Speaking of wet… his semen was in me, some trickling down my hole to my balls and then landing on the sheets. 

His breath fanned over my neck as he pressed a kiss there. ‘We should clean up.’ 

‘Too much work,’ I groaned. 

He laughed but likely agreed, because he didn’t move. ‘It was good, right?’ 

‘You have to ask?’ Wasn’t the fact I’d come quicker than a teen blowing his first load evidence of the fact it had been great? 

‘We’ve got to do this again then.’ He tangled a hand in my hair—hopefully not the one with lube in it or else I would have to get up to take a shower soon. ‘Switch it up a little from time to time.’ 

‘Yeah,’ I agreed. Hopefully pretty soon. I still preferred to top him and I thought he still he preferred to bottom for me, but this… yeah, it was good to switch things up from time to time. ‘Would it be bad form if I simply took a nap?’ 

He chuckled. ‘Not if I took one with you.’ He rolled off me to lie down on his side of the bed, head nestled on his pillow. 

I scooted after, away from the wet spot and over to drape myself against his side. It wasn’t often we slept all cuddled together, mostly we liked our space when we slept, but right now I wanted his skin against mine more than I wanted space. 

We shared one lazy kiss, only our heads turned toward each other on the pillow. When that tapered off, it didn’t take us long at all to doze off, both sated and happy. 

So what if Dad and Anna didn’t like that we were together? Dad might never come around, he was a stubborn bastard like that. Anna might, given some time. But that didn’t really matter. The only thing that did, was Kristian and I. End of story. We were together in a committed relationship. As long as we were happy, we wouldn’t give that up for anyone. 

End of story.

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