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What is going on with Arctic Circle Press?
Navigate the Arctic Circle Press site
The Arctic Circle Press site is almost done! I'm still tweaking stuff in the background, but for all intents and purposes, the site is ready...
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Welcome to Arctic Circle Press!
Welcome to the new home of Arctic Circle Press! Arctic Circle Press used to be available under a .com domain a couple years ago while...
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Kove & Baye

What's up with TT and Therese? Find out here.
What’s with all these changes, TT?
Yeah, what is with all these changes? I know, I know, haven't I changed my books enough? Well, I'm just never happy. I say I...
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Arctic Heat
The Arctic Heat series is the baby of the family. It's newest and it has the least books. It has existed for a while though,...
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Something More
Something More is the universe with the most books in it to date. It takes place in a fictional, Norwegian small town - with some...
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Souls of London
Souls of London is the fictional universe that starts first chronologically, but it's not the first stories written. It started back in 2006-2007 with a...
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TT’s Guide to 4theWords
Have you heard about 4theWords before? No? Then you're surely missing out! If you're a writer, that is. If you don't like to write, then...
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TT’s Fictional Universe
All my books technically take place in the same fictional universe, but I distinguish them first by serials (following the same couple through several books) and...
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